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~ The Gift of a Lifetime ~

Share your life story and family history in a personal documentary or video biography by Family Line Studios in Chicago. familylinevideo.com

Celebrate the life story and family history
of a parent or grandparent in a
~ Legacy Video ~
and give a gift that will be treasured
for years to come.

Are you looking for a truly special gift? For a 75th Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or a 50th Anniversary? Why not capture your loved one’s life story and memories – in their own words – in a Legacy Video for your family to know and celebrate?

Here at Family Line Video we produce Legacy Videos, giving families a truly special way to honor a loved one while preserving priceless life stories, Family Documentary, Video Biography by Family Line Video in Chicagofamily history and life lessons for future generations. This modern-day memoir weaves a sensitively filmed and edited interview with family photos, documents, maps and other memorabilia. Titles, transitions, music and more are added throughout to create a captivating, moving portrait certain to be treasured for years to come.

Legacy Videos are designed to a family’s vision, budget and occasion and can focus on the life story of one person, a loving couple, or the family history as shared by several family members. Legacy Video packages include:

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Your stories in a Legacy Video by Family Line videoTo learn more about capturing the life story of a parent or grandparent, your family history, or to share your own story and life lessons in a Legacy Video, take a look around my site or contact me directly.

A Legacy Video is truly a gift of a lifetime – one your family will cherish for years to come.

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