25 Legacy Video Questions

Video Biography Packages by Family Line VideoBelow are 25 Legacy Video Questions to ask your parents or grandparents to learn more about their life story and your family history.

Be sure to ask follow-up questions and give time to respond as each question may bring back a flood of memories and a trove of priceless information!

~ 25 Legacy Video Questions ~

  1. What is your full name?
  2. Where you named after anyone?
  3. Did you have a nickname?
  4. When were you born?
  5. Where were you born?
  6. Describe your mother.
  7. What did your mother do during the day?
  8. Describe your father.
  9. What did you father do for a living?
  10. Did you have any siblings?
  11. Describe your home.
  12. Describe your neighborhood
  13. What role did religion play in your life?
  14. What grade school did you attend
  15. How did you spend your free time?
  16. Did you have any chores?
  17. What high school did you attend?
  18. What were your favorite subjects?
  19. Did you have any hobbies?
  20. Did you have any summer or after school jobs?
  21. How did you decide on you career?
  22. Describe your career.
  23. How did you meet your spouse?
  24. What was your greatest hardship and how did you overcome it?
  25. What was your greatest accomplishment?

As a Video Biographer I ask many more questions in my interviews so be sure to add your own to this list of 25 Legacy Video Questions.

Do you have a few favorite questions to ask? Post them in the comment section below for others to use!

~ Legacy Videos ~

Give your parent or grandparent the gift of a lifetime by capturing their life story – in their own words – for your family to know!

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Your stories are too important to leave to memory. Preserve them today for your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to know.

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’25 legacy Video Questions’

~ 25 legacy Video Questions ~

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’25 legacy Video Questions’

25 legacy Video Questions


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