50th Anniversary Gifts

50th Anniversary gifts  by Family Line VideoDo you know a special couple celebrating their 50th Anniversary? If so, check out these 8 great 50th Anniversary Gifts they are sure to love!

These 50th Anniversary gifts vary in price and time invested and can be given either by an individual or collectively as a family. Which one is your favorite?

~ 50th Anniversary Gifts ~

  1. A Professional Family Portrait
  2. Hire a professional photographer to take a family photo. If someone can’t make it, a good photographer can simply photoshop them.

  3. A Scrapbook
  4. Create a scrapbook filled with family photos, stories, and memories provided by family members and close friends.

  5. A Party in their Honor
  6. Bring family and friends together to celebrate the special couple’s 50 years of marriage. Play music from the era they met, present a slideshow with photos of the couple over the years and give toasts. For something a little extra, give the couple a book with photos from their special evening.

  7. Date Night
  8. Send the special couple on a memorable date night. Arrange a romantic table at their favorite restaurant along tickets to an event you know they’ll love. For something extra, give them a carriage or limo ride, a stay at a hotel or purchase a billboard to display ‘Happy 50th Anniversary’ along their route!

  9. Honor the Couple
  10. Does the special couple share an interest or passion? If so, name something related to that interest or passion (ie a bench, paving stone, scholarship, etc) after them. Or make a donation in their honor.

  11. Their Story in an Anniversary Video
  12. Capture their life stories and family histories in an Anniversary Video. An anniversary video weaves filmed interviews with the couple, together with family photos, documents and other memorabilia. The result is a beautiful ‘moving portrait’ that captures and preserves the couple’s story in their own words for younger generations to know.

  13. A Trip
  14. Send the special couple on a vacation: a cruise to see an ancestral homeland or a place they always wanted to visit. A trip to see a distant family member or a special friend. Or recreate their honeymoon if they talk about with fondness.

  15. Coming soon…!

Do you have an idea to add to the 50th Anniversary Gifts list? If so, post in in the comment section below for others to see!

~ Anniversary Videos ~

Capture the story of a special couple for your family and future generations to know and celebrate!

Family Anniversary Video Packages by Family lIne VideoHere at Family Line Video we produce Anniversary Videos, modern-day memoirs that weave filmed interviews together with family photos, documents, maps and other memorabilia. The result is a beautiful ‘moving portrait’ that captures the couple as they recount their life stories and memories – a gift your family will treasure for years to come.

To learn more about the gift of an Anniversary Video, visit us at FamilyLineVideo.com.

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50th Anniversary Gifts

50th Anniversary Gifts

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’50th Anniversary Gifts’

50th Anniversary Gifts


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