About Susan Saunders, Life Story Legacy Video Biographer at Family Line Video in ChicagoSince 2008, Susan has  run Family Line Video, LLC as a true labor of love, personally handling all aspects of Family Documentary production, from filming and editing to interviewing and research, treating each family’s story and artifacts as though they were her own.

… I write now to say how deeply impressed I was by our gorgeous family portrait you produced. Its editing, organization, technical quality, its consistent thoughtfulness made it FLV FCP Phototruly first-rate, and it brought our parents’ and grandparents’ summertime experiences alive in ways I would have thought inconceivable. Incredible work!” S.Z.

Writing an autobiography by Family Line Video ChicagoYour stories are too important to leave to memory. Preserve them today in a Family Documentary Video for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to know.

A Family Documentary Video is a gift your family will cherish for generations to come.


Family Line Video, LLC
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Susan Saunders
Owner/Video Biographer

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