How To Date Old Photos – Discovering your Family History

Cabinet Card Date old photos Family Line Video

Do you have an album or box of old family photographs? Are they labeled? Unfortunately, most were not as it was assumed families knew the person in the photo. All is not lost, though, as you may still be able to identify your ancestors by knowing what decade a photo is from – by learning how to date old photos.

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Pinterest: Posting Family Memories

One of the best things about the internet is the power that it has to bring people together. Not only have services such as email and social media allowed friends and families to stay in touch, but they’ve also helped simplify the exchange of photos, videos and other memorabilia, both from the distant past and the immediate present.

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What is a Video Biography?

What is a Video Biography by Family LIne Video Chicago

What is a Video Biography? It is a memoir on video, capturing the life story, family history and memories of an individual, often for their children, grandchildren and beyond.

Memories of people, places, and things are documented on video or film, often combining interviews with family photographs, documents, maps, and other memorabilia.

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