How to Organize Old Family Photos

how to organize photos by family line video chicago

As a Video Biographer, my clients often tell me they’re overwhelmed by all their old family photos. If you grew up before the digital age, you can probably relate – especially if you were born in the 30’s, 40’s or 50’s, as many of my clients were. After recently helping my 80 year old mother …

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What is a Family Documentary Video?

Family Documentary video life story video by Family Line Video Chicago

Family Documentary Videos are memoirs on video focusing on family stories and history. Memories of people, places, and things are documented on video or film, often combining interviews with photographs, letters, maps, and other memorabilia. The final product is preserved as a digital video document, or DVD. Learn more.

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Where Do People Live The Longest

Fountain of Youth live

While the Fountain of Youth remains elusive for most, some societies enjoy other factors that help to keep their citizens young.

According to the US News Health, the average life expectancy is 67.6 years. The U.S, although well above average at 78, came in at an unimpressive 50th in lifespan ranking. Find out the top 10 countries where people live the longest.

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Senior Travel: Websites & Forums

Senior travel, life story grandparents video by Family lIne Video Chicago

In the mood to travel but concerned you’re not as spritely as you used to be? Perhaps it’s time to find experiences geared more toward a mature traveler’s interests and needs.

These Senior Travel Websites offering articles, tips and resources on senior travel. Or, join in the conversation with fellow senior travelers on one of the Senior Travel Forums, also found below.

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Great Senior Blogs

Grandparents and senior staying connected

With the Internet and other technological advances, today’s seniors are more connected than ever before.

If you’re looking for ways to stay up-to-date on the latest news and events that affect seniors, blogs are one of the best way for getting current information. In addition, you can get your daily dose of laughter with some of the amusing anecdotes written by seniors for seniors.

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