Fantasy Football or Reality?

Fantasy Football or Reality

What if you could organize the ultimate fantasy football draft and include players not only active today but also players from your father or grandfather’s heyday? Would Johnny Unitas really beat Peyton Manning for total touchdown passes or would modern –era football and its faster, sleeker approach rule out in the end of the day. Who would you pick? Jim Brown or Adrian Peterson?

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Heat Wave: How Our Grandparents Stayed Cool

Heat Wave, how our grandparents stayed cool

Ever wonder how people stayed cool during a heat wave before air conditioning? Even though air conditioning was invented in the early 1900s, most people couldn’t afford one until well after WWII. So, what did people do to stay cool when temperatures rose or during a heat wave? Read on for a few tips my clients recalled about how they stayed cool before air conditioning was commonplace.

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Life Lessons

Legacy Videos by family line video

We all learn from our experiences and know that every year we somehow become wiser than the last year. Simply said, with age comes wisdom. Too often, though, we overlook the valuable life lessons and insights our grandparents have learned over the years. Give your family the priceless gift of their wisdom by Why not …

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