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Grandparents and grandchildren by Family LIne VIdeoWhat kind of legacy holds its value? Many would say one that connects a family across generations and keeps a sense of heritage and family history alive.

One way families ensure their legacies maintain that kind of value, is by leaving a Family Legacy Video.

A Family Legacy Video is created from the viewpoint of an individual or several family members. Memories of one or more generations are captured together in filmed interviews. These interviews are then woven with family photos, letters, maps and other memorabilia to help tell the stories and capture the events that make a family’s legacy.

~ Capturing a Family Legacy ~

Below are just a few of the ways that preserving a family’s stories makes a lasting difference:

  1. When children have a chance to know a parent, grandparent or other ancestor as a child, it helps them connect to their story on a more personal level.
  2. Learning how an ancestor lived through an event such as a war, the Great Depression or their first television, can bring history to life with new relevance and interest.
  3. Family stories are often full of adventure, risk-taking, humor and poignancy. Once experienced, family storytelling may become a favorite part of family gatherings, meals and holiday traditions.
  4. A Family Legacy Video inspires even more storytelling. It is truly the legacy gift that keeps on giving.
  5. When family stories and memories are not passed from one generation to the next, they are lost. While you can often find names and dates in public records, it is the personality, everyday achievements, sorrows, hilarity and life lessons that make up the intimacy of family experience. These only survive in the stories we pass from one generation to the next.
  6. A Family Legacy Video preserve a family’s history. Even more importantly, it increases the chances that future generations will value and carry on the tradition of documenting, adding to and retelling the stories through new eyes in every generation.

Some say that a Family Legacy Video actually increases in value as the years and generations go by. Would you agree?

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