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The art of cooking and perfecting coveted family recipes is under appreciated in these days. Decades ago, families used to cook meals together. Centuries ago, the preparation of the main meal was a daylong custom with many family members needed to remember the steps and ingredients. It was part of their legacy.

Family recipes and life story video by Family Line Video ChicagoToday, in a time of fast food and faster lives, family recipes and key meal preparation have been pushed to the side. Keep the flavors of your family history alive by recording your favorite family recipes so your children, grandchildren and generations to come can experience their history.

Is there a favorite apple pie that your family looks forward to every Fall? A sweet potato pie concoction floating around on Thanksgiving dinner tables? Does Uncle Jim have a tried-and-true barbecue sauce or marinade that everyone looks forward to in the summers? One day, those great chefs might not be around to prepare such satisfying and mysterious palette-pleasers. Document these family recipes in a “Family Cookbook” and always be able to savor the memories of those special events. Whether on a printed document to distribute as gifts or post to an online family website so everyone can reference.

Well-known family meal expert Rachel Ray recommends The site offers a free trial membership to one relative to input recipes, with the option to extend the site’s access to other relatives. The site will index your family recipes and even allow you to add photographs. The best feature of this site is that many relatives can enter into the same online, collective cookbook at once, so it can be completed quickly if everyone is on board. In addition, experts help you compile the entire cookbook, and families can order laminated and bound or spiral-ring finished products. The site prints 4 cookbooks in 10-15 days and is able to ship in one week.

Looking for a more budget friendly option? Another option, Microsoft Word, allows you to make a do-it-yourself Family Cookbook. Research online to gather ideas on how you want it to layout and then once set, schedule a visit or phone interview with the family cooks so you can record their treasured recipes. From there, type up the family recipes and distribute copies to everyone!

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Capture the life story of a parent or grandparent for your family to know and cherish.

Family Documentary Videos and Life Story Videos by Family lIne Video Chicago Here at Family Line Video, we produce Family Documentaries, modern-day memoirs that weave filmed interviews with a love one, together with family photos, documents, maps and other memorabilia to bring stories and history to life.

Your stories are too important to lose. Capture them today in a Family Documentary and give your family a gift they will treasure for generations to come.

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