Family Reunion Ideas, Activities, Resources & More

Family Reunion Ideas, activities by Family Line Video Do you ever wish you could spend more time with distant relatives? Do you feel that Facebook, texts and emails just aren’t enough? Are you worried your children won’t know their cousins, uncles and aunts the way you know yours?

Perhaps its time to schedule a Family Reunion!

Below are a few Family Reunion ideas, activities and resources to help you plan your next big event. Start by checking out the Family Reunion planning websites. Scroll down a little further to find even more great ideas – from Family History Activities to tips on starting your own Family Website!

~ Family Reunion Websites ~

  1. Mr. Spiffy
    While the name might be questionable, overall this website offers loads of great family reunion ideas on planning, activities, food, and more.
  2. Reunions Magazine
    Better name this time and, again, another web site with family reunion ideas on planning yours with activities, food ideas, and more.
  3. Gathered Again
    Thanks to Laura for giving us a heads up on her fantastic site. Packed with even more great family reunion ideas, it’s definitely worth checking out.
  4. Gatherings
    Here is a wonderful article worth a read: ‘How to Plan a Family Reunion’.. Don’t forget to poke around the site for more great ideas.
  5. Genealogy at
    Kimberly Powel offers several great ideas for planning your reunion in her article: ‘Steps to a Successful Family Reunion’.
  6. GroupTravel: Family Reunion
    Filled with articles from ‘How to Budget’ to negotiating for hotel amenities, this site offers tips on logistics as well as managing the financial details of planning a family reunion. A must read!

~ Family Reunion Ideas & More ~

For a list of Family History Activities the entire family can do together, visit: ’10 Family History Activities’.

Family History Activities by Family Line Video ChicagoAre you ready to fill in your Family Tree? To find websites that offer free family tree templates, visit: ‘Your Family Tree’.

Keep your family connected with your own Family Website. Post photos, birthdays, family history and more! For tips and resources on starting a family website, visit: Start a Family Website.

Remembering Great Grandmother Family LIne VideoYour Family Photos are priceless windows into your family history. For tips on ensuring your photos will be enjoyed for generations to come, visit: ‘Tips for Preserving Old Family Photos’.

If you have a Family Reunion idea, activity or resource to add, post it in the comment section below for others to see!

~ Legacy Videos ~

Capture you parent or grandparent’s life story for your family to know and cherish!

Family Reunion Ideas Video by Family Line Video in ChicagoHere at Family Line Video, we produce Legacy Videos, modern-day memoirs on video that weave a filmed interview together with family photos, documents, maps and other memorabilia. The result is a beautiful ‘Moving Portrait’ capturing your loved one as they recount their life story and memories -a gift your family will treasure for years to come.

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‘Family Reunion Ideas’

~ Family Reunion Ideas ~

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‘Family Reunion Ideas’
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~ Family Reunion Ideas ~

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