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Old Woman Operator by Family Line VideoThese days everyone from grandparents to grandchildren are plugged in to the internet. Take advantage of technology and stay connected with your loved ones by setting up a Family Website.

A Family Website is a great way to share photos, life stories, family history and more while keeping everyone up-to-date on important news and upcoming events. Below are a few tips to help you get started with your family website.

~ Your Family Website ~

To start, you will need to register a domain name that is unique to your family. Many companies such as Google, Dreamhost, Go Daddy and WordPress offer Domain Name Registration to meet web-users’ needs. They also offer easy guides and templates to choose from, saving you from having to know HTML code.

Once you’ve selected a template, site design and color scheme, just start adding pages and inputting content. Easy as that. Be sure to include enough pages on your Family Website to cover the pertinent topics and important details.

~ Family Website Page Ideas ~

Below are a few page ideas but feel free to add more:

  • The ‘About’ Page
    Highlight the specific lines of heritage your family website will cover and include a bit about the family’s journey to it’s present day location/s. This is a great way for everyone, especially the younger generations, to learn about the family story.
  • The ‘Family Tree’ Page
    Upload an image of your family tree for everyone to reference. Check out: ‘Your Family Tree’ for a list of sites that offer free family tree templates.
  • The ‘Family Photos’ Page
    Don’t limit yourself to just current family photos. Blow the dust off the old family albums and post a few photos to the Family Website as well. Later, invite everyone to fill in information about the life of the particular ancestors they may recall. Before you know it, you’ll have a more detailed record of your history!
  • The ‘Honors’ Page
    Feature the senior most family members (grandparents, great aunts/uncles, etc.) by including brief biographies, photos as well as any memories or stories they want to pass on.
  • The ‘Family Calendar’
    Include key birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, events and even family reunion dates for others to refer to in planning their activities and events.
  • The ‘News’ Page
    Is cousin John graduating from college? Has Aunt Sally run a marathon? Is Uncle Rich’s latest business now open? Designate someone as the Public Relations Contact for your family website and have relatives send their most important announcements. Input news on the Family Website according to a monthly schedule for submissions so everyone can stay up-to-date.
  • The ‘Contact’ Page
    Give family members the option to add their email address, home address and phone number everyone can stay in touch. That’s the point, right?
~ Family Website Services ~

Need a little help setting up? Register with a Family Website service to do the work for you. In the same way that Facebook exists to connect friends, several websites feature private platforms for families to post news, list relatives, and send messages. Good ones to try are: ‘EasySite’, ‘Organizeus’ or ‘Myfamily’.

Wishing you and your family the best of memories!


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