Grandchild Activities for Grandparents

Grandchild activities by Family Line Video ChicagoWhether you see your grandchild(ren) every week or only a few times a year, a day together offers a wonderful opportunity to develop a special bond while passing on priceless life stories, family history and pearls of wisdom.

Listed below are a few grandchild activities you can do on your special day together. As you re-live moments of your youth through your grandchild’s eyes, know you will be creating new memories together.

~ Grandchild Activities ~

  1. Family Photos
    Do you have a box of old family photos tucked away somewhere? Before your grandchild arrives, sort through the pictures from your childhood. Gather a few photos of yourself at the same age as your grandchild along with a photos of siblings, parents and even your own grandparents. With your grandchild there, talk about what life was like when you were their age.
  2. Games From Your Youth
    Grandchild activities  by Family Line Video in ChicagoAfter quiet time looking at photos, your grandchild may be ready for a bit more activity. Introduce them to the games and toys of your youth. Describe how Red Rover, Kick-the-Can or Hopscotch is played. Perhaps buy some jacks, marbles or other favorite game or toy and play a few rounds. If you pick up a second set, your grandchild will have something to bring home along with a wonderful memory!
  3. The Family Tree
    Ready for a little peace and quiet? Make a family tree together. Draw a simple tree on a large poster board, and then help your grandchild fill in family names on the branches. Share stories of family members so they can know their ancestors on a more personal level. Creating a family tree will also help your grandchild understand how the broader family is related.
  4. Snacktime
    Grabdchild activities by Family Line Video ChicagoNothing brings back memories like tasting the treats of your childhood. Give your grandchild the chance to discover this tasty experience with you. Whip up a batch of your mother’s oatmeal cookies, or take your grandchild out for a malted milkshake or a mile-high sunday. After all, indulging in treats together is one of the great joys of being a grandparent.
  5. Family Heirlooms
    While photos are interesting and stories are fun, it’s the heirlooms that help to transport people back in time. Talk about the evenings around the piano that was once your father’s or the china your mother used for family filled holiday dinners. If you really want to see your granddaughter’s eyes light up, bring out your wedding dress or a special toy or doll saved from your youth.
  6. No matter grandchild activities you do, your time together and the memories it creates is a gift they will cherish for years to come!

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‘Grandchild Activities’

~ Grandchild Activities ~

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~ Grandchild Activities ~


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