Our Grandparents Slang

grandparent's slang  by Family Line Video ChicagoHave you ever heard your parents or grandparents use a word or phrase you didn’t recognize? It may have been slang they learned in their youth.

Below are a few words and phrases that were popular slang in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50s. Perhaps you’ll recognize a few!

~ Our Grandparents Slang ~

1930’s Slang

Horn – The telephone.
Grifter – A con man.
Grandparents Slang by Family Line Video ChicagoCopper – The police.
Cats/Alligators – Fans of swing music.
Giggle Juice – Alcohol.
Slip me a five – When you want to shake hands with someone.
Dick/Gumshoe/Flatfoot – A detective.
Broad/Dame/Doll – A woman.
Togged to the bricks – Dressed up.
Tin – Small change.
Sawbuck – A $10 bill.
Low down – All the information.
Kip – Neat!

1940’s Slang

Take a powder – To leave.
Fuddy-duddy – An old-fashioned person.
1930s radio by Family Line Video ChicagoGobbledygook – Double talk or a long speech.
Armored heifer – Canned milk.
Snap your cap – To get angry.
Doll dizzy – Girl crazy.
Ducky shin cracker – A good dancer.
Stompers – Shoes.
Gas – Either a good time or something that was very funny.
What’s buzzing’, cousin? – how’s it going?
Gams – Legs.

1950’s Slang

Ankle Biter – A child.
Big Daddy – An older person.
Bread – Money.
Cat – A hip person.
Grandparents slang by Family Line VideoChariot – A car.
Cube – A normal person.
Frosted – To get angry.
Greaser – Someone with lots of grease in their hair.
Heat – The police.
Jacketed – Going steady.
Nest – A hair-do.
Peepers – Glasses.
Radioactive – Very Popular.

Do you recall hearing a word or phrase your parent or grandparent used you didn’t recognize? Share it in the comment section below and I’ll add it to the list!

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‘Grandparents Slang’

~ Grandparents Slang ~

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‘Grandparents Slang’

Grandparents Slang


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