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About Susan life story video biography documentary producer at Family Line Video ChicagoAfter 10 years as a Legacy Video producer, interviewing parents and grandparents about their life stories, I am about to launch an exciting new website: ‘Our Grandparents Stories’, and would welcome your feedback and participation!

This site will be a free, not-for-profit, video library where children and students can learn about history by watching videos of grandparents and seniors sharing their memories. For example, if a child is interested in learning about The Great Depression, by clicking on the topic a page with 10-20 videos will open. Each 3-5 minute video will feature a person recounting their first hand experience of what it was like to grow up during The Great Depression.

Our Grandparents Stories by Family Line Video ChicagoTopics will range from memories of historical events ( WWII, the moon landing, etc.) to daily life (what is a milkman, how did you spend your free time, etc.) in the 30’s, 40’s, 50′ and even 60’s. Stories will come from grandparents and seniors across the U.S. Perhaps internationally at a later point.

My goal is to give children a chance to understand history through personal experiences from a variety of perspectives.

Grandparents and seniors are one of our greatest but most overlooked resources. ‘Our Grandparents Stories’ will let students discover and tap into this priceless resource.

If you would like to learn more, offer feedback, topic ideas share your memories for others to learn from Our Grandparents Stories by Family Line Video in Chicago, please contact me or add a comment in the section below.

Of course if you know others who might find the ‘Our Grandparents Stories’ website of interest, please share!

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, senior, teacher or student, I welcome your help in making ‘Our Grandparents Stories’ the best video library it can be.

Susan Saunders

(312) 402-6406

Our OGS website is under construction! For a preview, contact me.


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