Time Travel: A Family Reunion

Time Travel Family Reunion Life Stories by Family Line Video ChicagoIf you could travel back through time to visit your great, great grandparents, what would you ask them? What would you want to know?

If you could travel forward through time to visit your great, great grandchildren, what might they ask you? What would you like them to know about your life?

If you could traverse across the centuries, across your family tree, gathering your ancestors and descendants for an all-time family reunion… just imagine that.


More often than not, we are left with little more than names, questionable dates and a box full of unlabeled photographs to piece together our family story – who our ancestors were and how their life experiences, choices and efforts impacted on who we are today.

Don’t you wish you knew more?

What will your grandchildren, great grandchildren and generations beyond know about you and your life story? What will they know about how your experiences, decisions and hard work ultimately impacted on them?

What will your legacy be?

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