Where Do People Live The Longest

Fountain of Youth liveWhile the Fountain of Youth remains elusive for most, some societies enjoy other factors that help to keep their citizens young.

According to the US News Health, the average global life expectancy is 67.6 years.

In the United States, the average life expectancy is 78 years. While well above average, the U.S. comes in at an unimpressive 50th in ranking. European and Asian Nations, however, are found most on the Top Ten List. One reason noted is the availability of healthcare which seems to be the biggest factor determining a society’s longer or shorter life span.

Where People Live the Longest

10. Italy

9. Australia

8. Hong Kong

7. Guernsey

6. Andorra

5. San Marino

4. Singapore

3. Japan

2. Macau

1. Monaco

The World Factbook gives the human longevity honor to Monaco, with its relaxing atmosphere, wealth, and access to health care. Not to mention people living there eat food known for reducing health problems. On average, residents in the Mediterranean society have a life expectancy of 89 years old.

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