The 50th Anniversary Gift That Came Close

50th wedding Anniversary Gift by Family Line VideoA friend recently related the story of a 50th anniversary celebration she attended. There was one 50th Anniversary Gift, she said, that created a lot of excitement and brought the guests of honor to tears. The gift was a scrapbook full of family photos, stories, and memories that had been lovingly assembled by the children, grandchildren, and a few close friends.

Towards the end of the event she happened to overhear two of the couple’s four grown children quietly discussing who would get to “keep” this truly special book when the parents were gone. How could they share this fragile scrapbook among four families? Should they risk passing it around and having it fall apart over time? Or would it be better to keep it “safe” on a shelf–perhaps with the eldest sibling? With no simple or fair solution, they agreed that it was something they would address at a later time.

An Anniversary Video

My friend, knowing that I produce Anniversary Videos, realized that this may have solved the problem. 

An Anniversary Video< is a 21st century scrap-book. It brings together family photos and memorabilia but then takes it one step further Video Biography Packages by Family Line Video Chicago by weaving in filmed interviews with the couple about their life stories, family histories and memories. The result is a beautiful ‘moving portrait’ that both celebrates and preserves the couple’s story – in their own words – in a way that will live for years to come.

Best of all, it is a 50th Anniversary Gift that can be easily duplicated so family and friends can each have a copy of their own!

Without a doubt a scrapbook is a very special 50th anniversary gift. 50th Anniversary Gift by Family LIne VideoSadly, it’s a gift that may not hold up as a family heirloom – keeping a couple’s stories, history and memories alive and familiar for their grandchildren, great-grandchildren and generations beyond to know and cherish.

Perhaps as the couple approaches their 55th Anniversary the family will decide to capture their story in an Anniversary Video, a gift the entire family can enjoy.

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